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NYC Offers Many Opportunities In Music Production

In recent years, the state of music production in NYC has changed almost beyond recognition, from the time when the city was the only alternative to the big recording studios in the West, to now, when producing sound recordings has become something than can be done by almost anyone. The growth in the industry has been fueled by the creativity of modern musicians who have stamped their own unique style on a thriving club scene; the result has been that the city’s music has effectively spread to the rest of the world.

In the past NYC recording studios operated completely differently, as they did everywhere else as well. Back when artists used acoustic accompaniment, the studios had to be even large enough to accommodate a full orchestra, and they needed to be designed for use of mics to pick up intended sound, with minimal interference. Today many recording studios are far smaller, as they cater to much smaller groups—in many cases using instruments which connect directly to recording equipment without having to go through a mic.

New York has a few quirks when it comes to music production. Because the city has always been a host to recording studios, even when they were small in number and owned by major corporations, there are some very experienced producers who became extremely wealthy from the old-style studios. Because of this, these producers can be both the executive producers and the technical studio producers. As a result, they wield a great deal of influence, both in selecting bands for the individual projects and in their control of the final result.

Even today, the music production scene in NYC continues to thrive as innovative new bands emerge on the scene. While it is technically possible for these bands to produce their own material using software that can be run on a standard computer, they are unlikely to get the same quality of sound as a professional engineer can achieve. Not only will the professional engineer offer coaching and advice, he will know exactly how to manipulate the sound to product the best possible results.

As a result, this means that there still many opportunities for someone to get work in music production in NYC, although you can well imagine there is much competition for those jobs. The essential thing to do, if this is your burning ambition, is to work toward formal qualification, get as much experience as you can in amateur music productions, and become well acquainted with the software used by the industry. These are the attributes and qualities that a studio will be looking for when they take on new engineers. That, and having an awareness and affinity for the local NYC music scene, can be effective measures when it comes to obtaining work in the Big Apple. 


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